Those of you who have visited this website in the past 25 years or so will remember it as the SYMBIOS pages. SYMBIOS was the name of our publishing and environmental consulting business, titled that because of my belief that people and things work better when they work together - in effect, symbiotically. Except for book sales and occasional publishing, I'm retired now. 

In July 2017, I pared down the website content considerably, hoping to do some revising of the sections on genealogy and history. I didn't get very much revising done, but I've decided to reinstate those pages pretty much as they were. You'll still find my "North Country Journal," about life at the end of the road in northern New Hampshire, with some new chapters added.  There's a large section on my favorite bird, the California condor. A recent section, "Is This Land My Land?" tries to make some sense out of the controversies surrounding government land ownership in the United States.  There are pages on politics and religion (hard to separate, these days), wildlife and conservation, public participation in government processes, and the problems of small towns in America. The "Eloquence" pages are my writing-for-fun area, a hodgepodge of whatever catches my fancy at various moments. 

To get to any of the main sections, click on one of the topics listed at the bottom of this page.

I still sell books.  There are some good ones, and you'll find my prices competitive. Sales help me maintain the website without all those ugly and annoying commercials, too. Most of our Symbios publications are down to their last few boxes, so I'm offering them at close-out prices - and, in most cases, as free PDFs. Whether or not you're interested in the books, please feel free to browse the site; I think you'll find something that will interest you. And please, don't hesitate to contact me about anything you find interesting anywhere on the site.

Sanford "Sandy" Wilbur  

October 2017


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Is This Land My Land? (Essays on Land Use and Ownership)

Semi-Rough: A North Country Journal

California Condor: Past, Present, Future

If You Ask Me - Government and Politics

If You Ask Me - Religion

If You Ask Me - Society

History and Genealogy

Maritime Canada Genealogy

Exploring and Settling the West

Public Participation in Decision Making

Wildlife and Conservation

Saving Small Towns

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